Sunday, 29 August 2021

Summer's End - Hello Autumn!

 The weather is changing - much cooler here in Scotland.

Have to say though I love Autumn -the colours and the smell of the leaves- nothing can beat a walk in Autumn 

Picture yourself walking up this path - possibly tripping over something because you are too busy gazing at the beauty around you - I do this frequently!

Knitting wise, things are beginning to pick up with the change in weather

Custom Order's have come in for copies of the little jacket in Royal Blue and the Autumn Ruse jumper in this colour but both in larger sizes from a customer on the Orkney Islands, just off the North Coast of Scotland.
This little neutral gender sweater has been added to the store as a made-to-order item and a customer  as asked for it in Raspberry pink. 

The Sand Gold jumper above is just being finished off in an age 3 - 4 years and......

This little cardigan will soon be on it's way to it's new owner!

Other exciting bit is you can now see me on

Decided to have another string to my bow!!

This little blue jumper sold just on Friday plus a Custom Order for it in this colour in a larger size came in from Wales so this has just been returned on to my Etsy shop

Also on you'll find a special offer of this little neutral gender jumper
for the price of £13 - loose fit age 2 - 3 years

This beautiful oval shaped, lace design hand knitted baby blanket was recently added - ideal bay shower gift - it drapes so well and is really rather special

Not many adult jumpers ordered yet which worries me as people are disappointed every year as they are ordered too late for Christmas dispatch

If you want to see more of what I do visit:- (nip over and like the page or comment on my posts - this keep my page alive and it is good for my moral!!)

Think I've caught up with everything - so keep well and take care 'til the next chat up

Written by Sandra Bean

Saturday, 10 July 2021


I have a confession to make....are you ready for this??  I DON'T LIKE SUMMER!  There, got it said at last! I'm more of an Autumn bird - you know, golden leaves, cosy log fires and no sport on the TV!

The one good thing about the summer sport on TV is that while my hubby is glued to the screen, I can sit in a chair, quite happily ignored by the other half - just sitting there in my own world with knitting needles clicking out their soothing sound.

I have been quite busy selling items as well as kitting them - two orders have come in for this sweater from the same customer in Norfolk, England

in the colours Cobalt Blue and Rust. then  I knitted this pair of fingerless mitts in Shetland wool, listed them on my Etsy website and they sold very, very quickly - good eh??  
Now, last year, or was it the year before perhaps -  I had an order from a shop in Utah USA for 5 x long line hooded coats - so this year I was so pleased to receive an order for another 3! The pink one has been done so still two to be done - one in cream and one in white.
Enough now of the orders - can I let you see 3 little jumpers that are ready to purchase from the website?

These are little beauties! The rust one fits age 3 - 4 years, The silver grey fits age 1 - 2 years and the old
gold one fits age 2 - 3 years - nip over to the website and have a good browse!

Can't remember if I showed you my hat's and scarves - but here is a wee selection of quality wool warmers for Autumn

Hats and Cowls in Pure Wool - another three reasons to look at what's on offer on my Etsy website

Want to see what else is for sale? 

Hand Knitted Long Line Hooded Jacket in Pure Shetland Wool - look at the deep pockets here 

So - that's a wee catch up of things - will be back in touch soon so until then, take care out there

Sandra Bean

Tuesday, 25 May 2021


 Hello! I can't believe I haven't written a blog since 2019! Did you miss me??? Ummm let's leave that question for now.

With the lockdowns of 2020 and shops being closed, like most online sellers, I had a bumper year of knitting sales - I actually had to "persuade" my sisters to help me with orders - well perhaps persuade is not the word but I'm sure they enjoyed helping me!

2021 has followed a more normal pattern - busy in January and February but  now trailing off during late spring and will be so in to summer then - hopefully- picking up in early autumn. 

My orders just now are from shops who are ordering Shetland Wool sweaters for their winter stock.

On my website - you'll see that I have added a great selection of 
ready to wear children's hand knitted Jumpers and Cardigans - worked in either a blend of wool with acrylic or less expensive all acrylic hand knits with cable patterns - here are one or two to for your perusal

This little beauty fits age 2 - 3 years - and is in the cosy shade of Raspberry Pink

Again, age 2 - 3 years in Teal Blue with two deep pockets to keep precious "stuff" in!

For pretty princesses, this peach coloured hooded jacket fits 18 months to 2 years and will be so much admired.

The menfolk haven't been forgotten about either - jumpers and cardigans made to order in a wide variety of colours and knitted to your size requirements

You can see Scottish Knitwear For Kids And Grownups  also on

Feel free to pop over to any of the sites - like, follow, browse or message me if you have any questions

Written by Sandra Bean

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Autumn Winds

It really looks as though up here in Scotland, Autumn has begun - now it's Woolie Jumper Weather!

Speaking of which, it's been a very busy time knitting-wise at - there have been Custom Orders for some super items

 This is just some on the Shetland Wool that arrived for the order for a hooded sweater - this is now a work in progress, so when it's finished, keep an eye on for the finished item

Mid August another order came along for a Pure Scottish Aran Wool cardigan in the shade of Autumn - so here is the finished result !

This is the back view which gives a fair idea of the pattern. The new owner loves it very much- The original cardigan is for sale on
in the colour of Brownstone - go take a look or you too might want a Custom Knit.

Sales of ready to wear has gone well too1 I sold this Pure Scottish Aran Wool sweater to England and as it was a popular item - It can still be found on as a Made to order item - so it would be my pleasure to knit another for you.
 This Pure Scottish Aran Hat was sold to the Costume Department of a Theatre in England! 

For children, these two items were sent to Southern Ireland 
 They were very much admired and also my Etsy shop at - I've kept them on the websites as Made to Order which can be knitted in a variety of colours and sizes so again - have a wee look 

This little set of hat and mitts were sent all the way to Louisana US for a little person who will look so cute wearing something so unique 

Now - just today I became a winner!!! I am frequently  over at a Facebook website called  Share A Seller UK Crafts - and I won the prize of a wee advert lasting a week - must brag about this so here is the ad
I am so chuffed - absolutely knocked out!!

I recently popped  picture of myself on my Twitter page as I think that if you are selling it lets people see who they are buying from - ummm perhaps not a good idea -  but for anyone who doesn't scare easily - here I am - see what I mean!!!!!
Now - let's end this blog with a wee joke - 
Hope you like it and I'll be back (no that is not a threat - really it's not!) next month.

Enjoy the early days of Auumn

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

A Window Into My World

It's been  funny month up here in Scotland. We seem to have gone from high summer to early Autumn in  fast eye blink!

The rowans are bright red, the jackdaws (cheeky little blighters) have pecked the apples on the tree and, somehow, the atmosphere has changed - all very much the start of the Autumn.

Someone was daft enough to suggest to me I had a nice big craft room and lots of pigeon holes for my yarns similar to what you see in yarn shops so - do you really want to see where my workspace - watch the video I put a longer version on my Twitter page at and it went down rather well - ach, no - jist  wee exageration there!

So, as I said it is a wee bit Autumnal here so an Aran jacket with a hood was finished off for an age 4 - 5 years so I popped it on this little model - didn't she do a grand job?
You'll find this little number in which is my Etsy shop or my new website at - it can also be Custom Knit in your size and colour choice as there is a great variety of colours on a chart that I have also popped on the websites - spoiling you eh?

Did I mention that I have a shop too on my Facebook page? No? That's not like me to forget tsk tsk - you'll find it at - go have  browse and if there is anything you like just click on the website address or just on the "Shop Now" button.

My little favourite on the month is this little Cerise Baby Cardigan to fit age 9-12 months
Much cuteness and find much cuteness on any of the websites or in the Facebook shop or on my Pinterest page at

Now, I ask you, if you live outwith Scotland and think your ancestors came from Scotland but you're not sure what part, here is a map of Scotland and the lands owned by the various clans - hope you find it informative and interesting

Hope you enjoyed the reading of this blog and will catch up with you soon

Written by Sandra Bean
Scottish Knitwear For Kids And Grown Ups

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Something For The Girls!

Hello to you!

Been a rather busy month for me considering we have had a heatwave here for a couple of days -well this is Scotland - land of hills and rivers 'cos we get rain and lots of it.

Usually the month of June is a quiet month for me but I managed to finish one Custom Order

which I think I showed you earlier this month being knitted up. This is now happily living with it's new owner in England. If you look on you will see this jumper for sale as a Made To Order and is available in loads of colours -

as you can see here.

Now, this poncho has been with me a while. I am not the best photographer so decided that it wasn't the poncho's fault it wasn't selling - it was the faults of the photographer - namely moi!
A wee spot of re-photography was called for - what do you think

This is showing the poncho loose and this other one

shows the poncho with a belt, giving it a totally different look - sophisticated and unique
The poncho can be Custom Ordered too in a variety of colour choices so -

pick your favourite colour and feel good in your made to order poncho!

Sometimes we gals just want to slip something on and leave the house - still look good without  hassle - here is the hassle free cardigan for cool days

Hand Knitted in a Chunky Yarn - this Edge to Edge Cardigan has a cable twist added to the fronts and neckline, two deep pockets for "stuff" and side vents to give freedom of movement. Imagine this with a wide leather belt or a scarf for yet another look - and yes, it can be Custom Ordered in a variety of colours - so ahem -

here they are!

Now, just had to do something for the little ladies!

This little cardigan has been knitted in a sparkly Lavender yarn. With lace designs to the fronts and sleeves. This is a Once Only knit and once it is sold, it is gone! It has been knitted to fit 12 - 18 months

All of these marvellous knits can be found on the website  and

See me writing and chatting on

Keeping in touch with the outside world on

and posting bonnie pictures on

Look after yourselves 'til next time,


Sunday, 9 June 2019

Reach For The Chocolate!

Good Morning to you!

I can't believe we are in the middle of the year already - if anyone is interested I calculated there is 198 days to go until Christmas - just so's you know.

I added two new items to and  this month.

The first is a pink, soft and lovely dusky pink, women's cowl neck sweater with a cable design

I made the neckline wide and reaching from shoulder to shoulder to give the jumper a touch of 1950's glamour. When you visit the websites you will see that you can Custom Order this item in your size and colour choice from the colours available. I have had one Custom order for it already and here is the order being knitted up
The buyer chose the colour Atlantic - and it does look like spots of light blue /white on the oceon.

Now! Here we go with the chocolate bit!

This little model was doing so well modelling this little hand knitted hoodie for a 4-5 year old . As any top model will tell you, modelling can be pretty boring and when you are a wee tot - even more boring.
Halfway through the session, my little diva ran away down the garden with me and her mum in hot pursuit! She ran into her dad's shed and we managed to get a quick photo in there so we could finish the session quickly.

It  was mum to the rescue with White Chocolate Drops and the promise of a trip to the swing park later that finally did the trick so....note to self - when you work with little humans - always have a supply of chocolate in the handbag!

You must admit though, the wee model did a marvellous job in the end and is a wee charmer

The model who did the cowl neck jumper did not receive chocolate!!

Written by Sandra Bean - you ca also follow me on

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Take care out there 'til I write again,

Sandra x